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Welcome to ScaredSafe.org

This site is using the power of poetry to establish effective lay resources opposed to the international slave trade and the humiliation, abuse and degradation of women and children around the world. 

   It is a continuation of what I started when Poison Pearls was first published, a blend of prose and poetry conceived as a warning to those who think that Human Trafficking cannot touch their lives.

                   Karl Stuart Kline

Disclaimer and Declaration of Purpose

I am a poet when all is said and done and I exercise my license freely as I find my inspiration.  What I offer is based on real life experiences, correspondences and research, but I cannot testify first hand to the veracity of all the stories that I tell, for they will not always withstand the journalistic test of being confirmed through independent resources.  Such resources are often not available to me (or anyone else for that matter!)  However, they were convincing enough and moving enough to inspire some of the work I offer here.  I do use poetic license for dramatic purpose, emotional impact and to try to bring the subject close to home for the reader by using the first and second person.

I will not offer anything that I know to be untrue.  Believe what you will, but know that what you see is offered with the good of all in mind and my sincere hope that enough of my warnings will be taken to heart to change the lives of at least some of those who would otherwise become victims of the trade in human flesh.

Contact: karlstuartkline@poeticat.com

To learn more about me,Poison Pearlsand the rest of my works visit my web site at www.poeticat.com

Poetry that appeals to people who think that they don't like poetry!  (from the heart and mind of Karl Stuart Kline) - Poetry with Depth and an Edge!!!
For a good mix of my poetry, including excerpts from all three of my books, go to:


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