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Attempt the Impossible Task!

Respect Fear;
It's a very big part of what keeps you safe
Fear Danger;
Even when it comes behind a smiling face

>^. Karl!

An Impossible Task

How can this fight be worth fighting
When the task seems impossible?
When I'm fighting human nature
And my goal seems implausible...

My first step was the first stanza
Of what was only one poem,
But now one's become two and it's
No longer merely a poem

I'm writing some essays as well,
Researching and trying to see
How to continue with my task
And to see where it's leading me.

I must accept small victories,
Realizing one life is worthwhile,
That contending with slavery
And discouraging pedophiles

Makes me some mighty enemies
Who will use both silver and lead
To suborn those who'd be allies...
Resistors are left raped or dead!

Judging a man by his enemies
Might be a fallacy in my case,
But I have never ignored the pleas
Of others or forced them to be slaves

I brandish my pen as if a sword
Is gripped by my callused hand instead,
Carrying our bright banner forward,
Optimistic as we forge ahead!

Every word is a victory,
Words that are meant to be repeated,
They become part of our history,
A cry that remains undefeated!

Words reach where bullets cannot go,
Once heard, they can be repeated,
So it seems that there's an echo,
Free minds cannot be defeated!

I'm not preaching a religion,
This should transcend differences,
A message meant to reach regions
And people of many faiths whence

Will come the outrage that they need
For them to protect their children,
Or else their extinction's complete
When they lose them and their women!
This was written about Poison Pearls
While I was writing Poison Pearls,
But was not included with the book when it was published.


This is the final cover for Poison Pearls.

The photograph is of a Russian trench grave in the Krasnodar region and the grave diggers tools are prominent in the foreground.  I consider it to be particularly appropriate in that the hand hewn replacement for a broken handle stands out in stark contrast and reflects the poverty that has made Eastern Europeans especially susceptible to the gangs and opportunists who will profit by their misfortune. 

Unfortunately, the criminals who take women and children are not confined to any one part of the world and it has become an unprecedented problem in every country in the world, perhaps even rivaling or exceeding the drug trade in relation to the amount of money that changes hands.