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So that now blood and fear will rule the land,
Freedom's lost to any passing zephyr,
Since it was only written in the sand...
...excerpted from "Banned in Iran!", by Karl Stuart Kline
written in 2004 when Iran's ruling party was eliminating dissent(ers...) prior to it's elections.

Banned in Iran

(Written when Iran’s clerics were forcing
any competing politics out of their election
process, essentially becoming a one party
system with totalitarian rule... )

     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

                Banned in Iran...

Journalists, Politicians and Women,
Anyone who has a voice and would speak
Has either been silenced or been threatened

Their voices become reluctant and meek,
As the Ayatollah becomes supreme,
Religion forcing its’ will on the weak.
Brotherly love is lost and so it seems
Ev’rything is sacrificed for power.
Beneath the surface resentment still teems,
So the Mujahideen will be stronger.
As Iranians see their free speech banned
And the regime turns to rape and torture
So that now blood and fear will rule the land.
Freedom’s lost to any passing zephyr,
Since it was only written in the sand.
                     Karl Stuart Kline, 2/24/04

Today Ahmadinejad is running for reelection and at this point both of the leading contenders are claiming victory. 

I understand that there is very little oversight (if any) in place to assure the world or the voters that there is no falsification of the election returns.  Unfortunately, that leaves the incumbent a tempting opportunity to manipulate the election's results.  That would mean that the only sure way to be sure that your vote is counted is to vote for the incumbent, but then that vote would become meaningless.

I remember when Saddam Hussein garnered 100% of the votes in his so - called "vote of confidence" that took place prior to the Bush invasion of his country.  That was such an obvious fraud that if anything, it lowered the respect that he might have had internationally.

Iran and Iraq might have been at war with each other, but they still have a lot in common and I await the official results with a healthy measure of scepticism.



Well, the "officials" have spoken and I have been seeing protesters in the streets ever since! 

They probably regret having had the elections by now, especially since the results seem to have been unacceptable to them and the apparent result is a clumsy attempt to alter those results.

Meanwhile, the world watches and waits, hoping for an honest outcome that will herald true change in the Iranian leadership.

*    *    *    *    *    *    * 
June 21, 2009

Obviously, the honest outcome was not forthcoming and the people of Iran have had their  intelligence insulted by a leadership that has come to believe their own press releases,
believing in their God given right to rule, much as the French kings did before the French Revolution!  Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it!

So much of the news is using Twitter as a resource that I have joined as well - here are my first entries (tweets!) on the site under the name RoKKnRobin.  The times listed relate to about 10:00 am today, US eastern standard time. 

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