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Attempt the Impossible Task!

"Those were only foolish dreams,
  Fueled by romantic notions.
  Nothing was as it seemed,
  Changeable as the oceans."

             (from "The First Time" in POISON PEARLS)


Beautiful women are objects of admiration,
Especially when they are innocent and chaste.
Virginity is valued for prospective brides
And is not to be sacrificed in thoughtless haste.

Of course they're highly valued elsewhere as well
And they're taken to become slaves and kept women,
Stolen from their families by someone they trusted
And sold as raw goods like a horse to be broken.

They are demoralized by the betrayal of their trust,
But their spirit's intact and demands are refused.
They are to be taught that they're only objects of lust,
And so they're brutally raped, battered and abused.

Objections do not matter and are met with laughter.
Soon they learn that to complain is to invite more pain,
Only increasing the amusement of their new masters.
And so it goes, until they are thoroughly trained,

Taught who's boss and to acknowledge their masters.
Sodomized, battered, abused, ashamed and confused,
Shared by many men and their spirit's shattered,
Learning that their only value is in how they're used.

Moving across borders, they're the syndicate's now,
Becoming aliens with falsified passports.
They're convinced that even the police are corrupt
And are afraid to seek protection from the courts.

Their descent is complete and they're living in fear.
Their beauty is lost, replaced by something artificial.
What was once a life full of promise has become
A personal Hell, thanks to rape, trauma and betrayal.
by Karl Stuart Kline, an excerpt from his book, POISON PEARLS

This is another file photo that I can neither take nor give credit for.  However, I see it as a fleeting image...  A moment's beauty caught by the camera's eye, reflecting the transition between youthful innocence and sexual maturity.

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