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Attempt the Impossible Task!

How do you know when to intervene?
There's no right way to mistreat a woman!
Sadly, many men are weak and mean
And the cruel things they do are inhuman!

How do you Know?  It's never easy and not always appreciated!

Gang Bang


I heard a gang bang once...
But I wasn't part of it.

In my apartment the walls were thin
And next door were thirty men.

They had a woman - that was obvious,
To my presence they were oblivious.

I had no phone, I couldn't call,
I could only listen, not help at all...

So many men came and went,
I couldn't think that it was by consent

Perhaps I could use an open window?
But I was second floor - nowhere to go!

The only way out was directly past them...
I wasn't up to confronting thirty men!

Even if they were less, I was still only one,
Although I could have brought my gun...

But though I had sympathy for her plight,
She was hidden from my line of sight 

I really didn't know what they did to her -
I could be judge, jury and executioner! 

It turns out that I'm glad that i did not ,
Instead of a young thing they had an older harlot

Perhaps getting full value from an older prostitute
They'd get laid and later she might get screwed

Out of her pay for a hard night's work
By some entrepreneurial jerk

Who says he's the pimp and she's the whore
Who only gets what he gives her - no more!

After all, I finally did hear her voice,
Though she didn't say she was there by choice,

I heard her manage to get them to form a line
Hearing her anger when she said;

****    ****    ****    ****    ****    ****

Poetry that appeals to people who think that they don't like poetry!  (from the heart and mind of Karl Stuart Kline) -

Poetry with Depth and an Edge!!!

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This poem is directly from my life and reflects the quandary of a young man who knows that something very wrong is going on, but is powerless to intervene.
This is my very real personal experience rendered in verse - this time the circumstance, although unfortunate, turned out to be less tragic than it might have been: