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Attempt the Impossible Task!

Good Women;

Yes, you have become a victim,
But you’re able to give the label
Of Sexual Predator  to him...

Good Women

Actually, This is a work in progress...

I started this a few months ago and I'm presenting it now, because I think that the message is more important than whether or not I feel artistically that it is a finished piece.

I think that it's obvious enough that I'm addressing the subject of rape, but this is far removed from the hateful crime that is perpetrated against women in all societies.  

Often it strips them of their self respect and if it becomes publicly known, it can alter their standing in their commuities...

They are victims, whether or not they feel that they bear part of the responsibility for what might have happened and this is an appeal to them to keep their perspective.  There is no way to undo what has been done, but they themselves are the only persons who can truly control what becomes of their lives after the fact.

Yes, stay safe and do what you can to prevent it from ever happening to you, but if it does happen - and it does happen,
thousands of times a day - do what you must to survive, then take control of your life and remember that every act of defiance after the fact takes something away from the person who did or might do that to you. 

5/2/2009 -

Since I created this page, I had the opportunity to purchase the domain
www.scaredsafe.com (At a premium, I'm afraid...)
currently I have only created a few pages on the web site and I will include this page there as well, since I am focussing on the abuse of women there as differentiated from the slavery that I focus upon on this web site. 

Good Women

Good women, do you love your lives

Exercising due care and good sense?
God gave you a life like other lives,
But have you lost your innocence?
You do not have to lose your heart
To fall for someone’s vile pretense,
But neither do you have to part
Ways with your precious Common Sense
Nor do you need to bear the blame
When someone else had gun or knife...
You should know that theirs is the shame,
Making you choose between THAT and life!