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Welcome to my guest book!


Welcome, guest!

As you see, I have things to do and I do them - I have things to say and I say them!

I honestly don't think that I am always right, but I am honest about my feelings and much of what I write comes from real experiences - those of mine as well as others... 

When a site like this can be seen around the world - over 100 countries that I know of, not counting the "unknowns..." - To see an ongoing updated list of countries and territories that I have had visitors from, please visit my "6-6-6" page.  (Started on June 6, 2006) - As I update it, I often include some weekly commentary on this page as well. 

Starting on July 7th, I will transfer that ongoing process to my "7-7-7" page and look back at the progress over the past year.

 Those who visit will inevitably filter their experience through their own cultural preconceptions and prejudices.  That's okay - I'm not here to challenge anyone's religion or to espouse any grandiose notions of my own! 
However, I do welcome those different viewpoints and I wish to improve my understanding of the world in which I live - not just the corner of it in which I happened to grow up.

This site has been here for a year without a guestbook because the last one I had someone had only their commercial interests in mind and I had to erase almost a hundred senseless advertisements that they tried to insinuate into my pages without my approval.  That's one reason that you can visit this site without a constant barrage of advertising and unwelcome pop ups!  It's operated entirely at my own expense, without any input or control from outside influences.

Another site where you can leave comments on up to 80 of my individual poems, singly or severally, is at www.poemhunter.com/karl-stuart-kline

July 14, 2008
 This past month has seen a startling rise in my popularity rankings on the Poemhunter web site.  I say "startling" because I have not been attempting to influence those rankings, especially since the web site includes the work of over 24,000 poets.

I am currently ranked as #12 of the top 500 in the USA and as #55 of the top 500 in the world!

Their "popularity rankings" only represent active poets so that they are relative to our contemporaries and don't reflect the classic or "Dead Poets" that many of us love.  That may reduce the database that they are drawing their statistics from, but it is still larger than I expected to be able to make such a difference in.. 

I want to thank my readers for having put me there.  As I've said, it was a surprise, since it was not something that I was actively pursuing and mention that there is another link that will bring anyone who wishes  directly to a new web site  that uses poetry to address the abuse of women and children just as this one is  directed towards and against the oppresion of modern slavery - Just click on www.scaredsafe.com and you'll be there!


Periodically I scan through the messages that have been left for me
 on this site.  I have to preapprove what goes on my web site and throw out any that solicit my readers for their own nefarious purposes.
I have just gone through over 1,400 such messages this past week!  I apologise
 in advance for any that might have slipped past my guard, but I do try to
limit this to what I perceive as sincere responses.


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Darnesha said:   December 21, 2011 9:24 am PST
This "free sharing" of inofmartion seems too good to be true. Like communism.

Adiana said:   December 20, 2011 10:21 pm PST
Always a good job right here. Keep rolilng on through.

Karl Stuart Kline said:   June 7, 2011 5:16 am PST
One of the 1400 + messages that I spent the last week reviewing and eliminating included one that repeated the term Marque Blanche - I understand enough French that I understood it to be a "white mark" and thought that perhaps that was a good thing as opposed to having a black mark placed against my work or my name??? NOT SO!!! Marque Blanche refers to the practice of presenting someone else's work as your own or, more specifically, presenting your work or product as the product of an established source and attempt to borrow some of their credibility. I want to reassure my readers that what they they read is my own work and that on those rare occasions that I might be moved to quote someone else's work, that I give them credit for what they have done. However the term (in French) and the practice appear to be commonplace, so they are worth mentioning here. >^.\/.^< Karl Stuart Kline

Ensupepep said:   May 17, 2011 11:59 pm PST
Hey all everybody, just joined up with www.scaredsafe.org . I've spent five hours browsing in the net, right up until I have found this discussion board! I feel, I will certainly stay here for a long time. kool forum.

xzaqweroofercont said:   May 11, 2011 4:41 am PST
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