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Attempt the Impossible Task!

Poets Against Trafficking in Humans Over Seas
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You see, in one sense or another.
We're all overseas from each other.
In accepting that which divides us,
It will become that which unites us!

A confluence of readers and writers who believe that we can change the world for the better...

That Human Trafficking is one of the worst
 crimes that can be committed against Humanity
 and that we must do what we can through the
 Power of Poetry to shed light upon the
 perpetrators of these crimes so that they can be
 seen as the despicable creatures that they are.

If they are not brought to justice by Interpol or
 the many and various agencies that they
 suborn, then we can at least focus attention
 upon them and help to shape popular opinion. 
     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *
  Unfortunately, I've learned a lot about Human Trafficking,
 including that unfortunate aspect of human nature that
 allows so many people to take advantage of weakness
or ignorance in others, bending them to their will until
 they break and then tossing them aside like broken toys.

They're victims, living, dying or bearing prolonged
 suffering at the whim of an uncaring master, who only
 sees them as the means to an end, with no consideration
 for the lives that are ruined in the process.

One thing that I want to make clear is that I have no
 patience for the self righteous, holier than thou, self
 loving and self serving bull kaka that I have heard
 spouted from soap boxes and pulpits throughout my life.
 Nor do I wish to inflict that on anyone else.

I respect all faiths equally and I find that the measure
 of a man is not taken by what religion he follows,
but by the good works that he has accomplished.

Having said that, I hope that it sets the tone for a lively
 multinational and multi-ethnic discussion of all aspects
 of Human Trafficking. My knowledge of this subject
might be more than average, but the first thing that
anyone with any aspirations to wisdom must
acknowledge is the immensity of his own ignorance.

I will share some of my thoughts and some of my work,
 but what I look forward to most of all is learning from the
 experiences of others.Please join me in this and let our
 influence spread like ripples upon the surface of a pond
 ** or like waves over the sea! **

You see, in one sense or another,
We're all overseas from each other.
In accepting that which divides us,
It will become that which unites us!

Karl Stuart Kline

Why you see the POISON PEARLS cover;

The cover of this book has its' own special story.

What you see is the Russian trench grave where my
 mother in law is buried.
These are all fresh graves,
 which is why you see such a profusion of fresh flowers.

Counterpoint to their beauty is the harsh reality of the
 grave digger's tools and standing up in stark contrast
is the hand hewn replacement for a broken handle.
To me that hand hewn handle is symbolic of the
poverty that has taken over Eastern Europe
and left the unfortunate citizens to become
the victims of ruthless criminals. 

Many of those victims are young women who are
tricked or forced into slavery and lose their lives to
the traffickers in human flesh. This cover is also
symbolic of the only future that many of them have
 to look forward to.

The theme of Poison Pearls is Human Trafficking
 and despite the fact that it is a book of poetry, book sellers have classified it with Social Science,
 Criminology and Women's Studies.

To be for Human Rights and against Human Suffering is a fine thing to be sure!

I think that most people in our Western culture have accepted that on an intellectual level.

There has also been a lot of prose, especially reports and case histories that have been written in that regard. Yes, prose is fine for facts and figures and well written prose can even carry a lot of the raw emotion that can accompany those stories. Unfortunately, most of the things that are written in prose are dispassionate statistics...

Poetry is different!

Here I want to touch people on a visceral level, hitting them with an emotional impact that will be remembered for weeks, months and even years, even if they don't come back to repeat and reinforce their impressions.

I also want to focus on Human Trafficking, which by its' nature is a deliberate act, rather than an accident of circumstance.

To say that laws and enforcement are inadequate is a gross understatement! Perhaps we can do something here to help turn that around... I hope so! Unfortunately, many of the people that we array ourselves against are both rich and powerful. They are also accustomed to having their way with the people who they enslave and will only give up control very reluctantly.

I don't know if this is a war that can be won, but, by whatever gods you worship, it's sure as Hell worth fighting!