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Attempt the Impossible Task!

Different stages through the ages and their schisms...

From childish optimism
To youthful idealism,
Then an adult's realism
And an elder's cynicism...


It's a good morning world!
I hope that this is a day
When the politicians
Have nothing to say,
When ambulances
And lawyers take a holiday.

I hope nobody shoots
Anyone else in anger,
Placing anyone
Else in danger
And that no one
Else knows hunger...

I know that it's a small
And harmless fantasy,
But if we can ever
Have such a splendid day,
I hope that to others
Like it, it'll lead the way...


Karl Stuart Kline,
    from his book, Brain Stemmed Roses -
It's the poem and the thought that he ended the book with.

August 10, 2006...

I know, I know...

Wherever there is peace, there are storm clouds on the horizon, however we might wish that things might work out differently.

It takes everybody working together to create a lasting peace, but it only takes one fool to pick a fight!

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst and be the kind of person who can accept the shortcomings of others without criticism.

If peace is to be possible, then tolerance is the key.