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Attempt the Impossible Task!

...I'm not preaching a religion,
This should transcend differences,
A message meant to reach regions
And people of many faiths whence
will come the outrage that they need
For them to protect their children...

     *    *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

from "An Impossible Task" - 
                                 The full text is available on this web site.


Like  vampires stealing children,
Slavers slip through the shadows of the night
Hunting for the innocents
Before the dawning of another days’ light
It’s a business for them
Their lust for money keeps them up so late
Luring innocent victims,
Uncaring, knowing neither love nor hate
Seeking innocent children
Those who cannot see behind their smiles
Who’re surreptitiously taken
To be sold to wealthy pedophiles
Their victims are children
With no means to protect their health
Taken by evil men,
Who’re concerned only for their wealth
They’re only businessmen,
Going forth to make their dirty millions
Minimal investment
Brings them into a trade worth billions


My first effort when I started to write POISON PEARLS was a poem called "Slavers", but it was too much in one package and I reworked it to yield this poem and "The Talent Agent".


I looked through the file photos and there were children engaged in childish past times.  Others were engaged in study, dance or sports, but I could not put someone else's child up in this context.
What you see is a picture of the poet as a (very!) young man in his home town of Las Vegas.
This was back in the days when we could watch for mushroom clouds rising over the flats to the north and there was only one saloon in town!