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Attempt the Impossible Task!

Women and children, trapped in hopeless slavery,
In voiceless empathy, their souls cry out to me,
So you see, I'll do what I can to set them free
And there really is power in my poetry!

From the Heart and Mind Of Karl Stuart Kline...

Poet's Commentary

So, perhaps I'm not what you'd expect a poet to be?

Maybe I'm something more...?

You'd probably expect me to have some religious or political affiliations.

I don't.

With "Kline" for a last name, you might expect my background to be Jewish.

It's not.

If you know my background or have read some of my work, perhaps you know of my epilepsy and think that I live my life as a disabled person, shut off from the world around me.


If you're interested in what I do or say, this page is where I'll give you some insights into my background, my character and my personal history.  I've led a very interesting life!


Karl Stuart Kline

    This is an early poster for Poison Pearls, listing some of the themes touched upon within it's pages.  
    Poison Pearls was my first book and it speaks
    out most vehemently against human rights
    violations and human trafficking.

    At this point my background is much too
    complex to even begin to tell of it's relationship
    to my writing and my books. 

    However, background information is
    at my personal web site at
www.poeticat.com ,
    including my biographical material that was
    requested of me by last year's Pulitzer Prize
    committee.  (In two categories...)

    No, I didn't win!  (Grin!)  I wasn't even one of
    the three finalists, but I've reached the point
    where I can compete with them!

10/31/2007 an updated version of my biography has been published in the United Kingdom by the Leicester Review of books - the link:

Karl Stuart Kline, author of ‘Poison Pearls’

August 16, 2006;

Am I an abolitionist?  That is a term from the mid nineteenth century here in America when individuals were speaking up against slavery and conducting the famous "underground railroad" to help escaped slaves to freedom from the bondage that they had endured in our southern states.

In those days slavery was a part of the normal business on the southern plantations and any person who was born of a slave woman was also a slave, even if their father had been the owner of the plantation.  Slave markets and slave auctions proliferated and were sanctioned by the state, with slaves being bought, sold, bred and inherited as legally owned property, much as cattle were.  Freed slaves needed their "letters of manumission" in order to prove that they were their own masters and that probably did little good if they were dealing with an illiterate mob.

Fortunately, the question of States' Rights was settled by our Civil War and all states became Free, even though Lincoln's famous "Emancipation Proclamation" only freed those slaves that were in the states that were in open rebellion against the federal government.  

Of course freedom means little if you're illiterate, have no trade and only know the back breaking field work that you grew up doing as a slave.  There still were (and still are) unscrupulous people who would take advantage of your condition.

It seems that the Abolitionist's job is not yet finished



Additional commentary will be seen on my 6-6-6 & 7-7-7 pages, where I do weekly updates on the countries and their territories that have visited this site...  Approximately 120 countries to date!  Incidentally, the 6-6-6 page has not been updated since I started the 7-7-7 page.  (July 7th, 2007)

Also about 75 of my poems from here and elsewhere can be seen and commented upon at www.poemhunter.com/karl-stuart-kline.


10/31/2007 An updated biography has been published by the Leicester Review of Books (UK) as of Sept 14th - incidentally, it was #4 on their top ten hit list for the month of September, despite missing the first two weeks of the month!
Here's the link: