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Attempt the Impossible Task!

Rape for Hire

Never mind statutory, again,
I'm not talking about young lovers...
This is serious stuff...  It's PAIN
To be endured over and over...

Rape for Hire

This is for those people who perceive prostitution as a victimless crime.

Whether it's by drugs, indentured servitude or threats of violence to yourself or your family, the name of the game is CONTROL!

If you're a prostitute already, then I don't need to tell you how few free lance prostitutes there are.  Those few that start out as such don't last, because, even though they might think that it can't happen to them, they eventually get caught up in the drugs and violence that proliferate on the streets.  Even high priced call girls need protection from abusive customers!

I've heard it said that that the average life expectancy of a sex slave is roughly four years, maybe even less if she tries to stand up for herself and her pimp feels obliged to make an example of her for the "benefit" of the other young women in his stable...

Even if her pimp is pleased with his "acquisition", she still has to deal with abusive customers, diseases and unwanted pregnancies that can lead to back alley abortions without the benefit of modern medicine.

Young girls who hope to escape the poverty that they grow up with don't realize the trap that they've walked
into until it's too late.

Rape for Hire...

Never mind statutory, again

I’m not talking about young lovers...
This is serious stuff...  It’s PAIN
To be endured over and over...
Endured again and again, so that
The pimp who owns you profits...
Battered,bruised and diseased, you know
His concern’s the money he gets.
Five times a night, ten times a night,
He thinks that more is always better.
He has no concern for your plight
And doesn’t care for your sore sphincter...
Then you’re no longer a novelty,
His regulars clamor for “fresh meat.”
He’ll sell you as “good quality”
And buy a younger girl as a treat...
So now you’ll be starting over,
Same old story, but with new faces.
Rape follows rape... There’s no lover
To charm you with his good graces...
After five years of prostitution,
You’ve learned from the back of the hand
That the money is what matters
And there’s no such thing as a good man
You’ve been through seven abortions
And you know it’ll happen again..
It’s part of the degradation
When you’re used and abused by men
It’s birth control where you come from-
Common practice in your line of work,
Where you’ll seldom see a condom
And “the pill” is something you can’t afford...
You’ve become older and wiser
You know that you’ve earned plenty
You can’t help it that your pimp’s a miser
But what will you do when you turn twenty?
*    *    *    *    *    *

Poetry that appeals to people who think that they don't like poetry! 
(from the heart and mind of Karl Stuart Kline) -
Poetry with Depth and an Edge!!!

For a good mix of my poetry, including excerpts from all three of my books, go to www.poemhunter.com/karl-stuart-kline