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Attempt the Impossible Task!

Women, beautiful and smart,
Wrote answers to my plea,
Offering their gentle arts
To help heal my broken heart,
Knowing I'd been hurt deeply.

                       (from Brain Stemmed Roses.)

Russian Brides

I cannot understand
Why there are ugly men...
They’re handsome to look at,
But that’s only hair and skin
You turn them inside out
To have a look within
And there is ugliness
Festering and rotten
Foreign brides who’re looking
For love in a strange land
They are lovely women,
Looking for helping hands
They want a home that’s safe
Where they’ll have family
With a loving husband
Such is their fantasy...
All too often, reality
Is greatly different
For all those men who write
Want her to serve their ends
She can’t know the good men
From those who’re not her friends
She’s taking a chance that
She’ll meet an unhappy end...

     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

One reason that I know what I do of Russian brides is that I received hundreds of correspondences from women around the world, some of whom were in dire circumstances, desperately seeking to escape a difficult life.

Others were educated and accomplished women looking for a sincere gentleman who could appreciate them, share a mutually respectful relationship with them and take the time to know them before rushing into what might otherwise be an ill advised marriage of convenience. 

I did not care to join the "excursions" that some marriage agencies offered during which a variety of ladies would be competing for my attention, presenting themselves in a veritable meat market for the prospective husbands that might not even turn out to be compatible with them - after they'd already married them!

Marina and I had our own time in Krasnodar, Russia, during which our time was totally devoted to each other and our correspondences to each other (from both before and after...) now fill twenty (!) loose leaf binders.  Our "Round the World Romance!"



I have access to some very nice file photos through my editing program here...  I'm sorry that I can't give  the photographers credit for their work!

Certainly few of the Russian Brides that I speak of are ballerinas, but I think that this was a much better choice than the lady discus thrower!
Russian Bride (MIne!)

This I know... I have one!
She is very special
I think she’s beautiful
And so very unusual...
She is intelligent,
also very sensual,
Both of which are to me
Relationship essentials
What most brought her to me
Was her sweet empathy
Which I appreciate
Most since I lost Peggy
She’s not a replacement,
I love her for her Self
She’s what it took to get
This widower off the shelf
She’s my loved Marina
from her head to her feet
And she has what it takes
To make my life complete
She’s lovely and I say
She’s my Russian Treasure
Gold has value, but my
Lady’s beyond measure