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Attempt the Impossible Task!

One brother against another,
We aren’t so different at birth.
Teaching makes us hate each other
And lessens our own self worth...

               (An excerpt from POISON PEARLS...)

September 11, 2001


Terrorists struck without warning!
Coming out of a clear blue sky
On a beautiful cool morning,
Leaving us to wonder why 

They’d kill women and children,
Muslim, Buddhist and Jew,
Hindu, Shinto and Christian,
To name only a few... 
One brother against another,
We aren’t so different at birth
Teaching makes us hate each other
And lessens our own self worth... 

Hatred begets hatred,
Your victory is to make more like you
But in the end you’re dead
And “Victory” is dust and ashes, too 

Yes, terrorists struck without seeing,
Killing all in their blindness,
But the most meaningful responses
Were random acts of kindness...
Karl Stuart Kline (12/02/01)

Destruction & Construction...
"Things" get replaced and rebuilt.

It's the families that are destroyed as politicians, "prophets" and generals play their war games.

10 -18 - 2006 at approx. 3:37 PM EST

Now CNN has "breaking news" from the Department of Homeland Security that they have received word of "dirty bombs" being smuggled into the US, specifically to be detonated outside NFL Football stadiums.

They say that the information is not confirmed by any credible source, (Themselves included!), but they are releasing the information so that citizens can be on the lookout for anything suspicious. 

And so it goes...

10 -20 - 2006  9:44 PM

Last night I heard that the "dirty bombs" turned out to be a hoax...  Why does that make me think of "Weapons of Mass Destruction"?

I'm afraid that the Republicans fear for their precious majority in Congress - with good reason!