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Attempt the Impossible Task!

It's as instinctive as it can be
That with animals, fight or flight comes naturally,
But human beings like you and me,
Will try to deal with danger intellectually.
Of course, a failing of humanity
Is the time we fall apart emotionally.

  (An epigraph that I wrote specially for this page...   >^.Karl!)

Then again, some things we have no control over, especially when we are children.
I wrote this when I was still a teenager, very alone and growing up with epilepsy.

Storm's End

I seek a haven from the storm
A refuge that defies the thund'ring skies
And shelters me safe and warm

I fly before a fearsome gale,
A chill wind that blows until no one knows
In what direction I sail

I'm tossed about like a wooden chip,
My yardarms moan, my canvases groan
And I teeter on an abyss lip....

About me the everlasting thunder rolls,
Lightning plies the darkened skies
And the winds shriek like hell damned souls

Alas!  My steering ropes break!
My wheel spins free as I plow through the sea,
Leaving a twisting, sinuous wake.

I'm drawn into a vortex, a Stygian pit!
Neither brawn nor brain can ease my pain
And the darkness seems utterly infinite...

The strain is hideously appalling!
My timbers crack, the sails go slack
And still I go on, forever falling....

I'm being torn asunder, my death is near.
I meet my end without a friend,
But also without fear.

Gentle Reader;

Perhaps you'll be surprised to learn that this was one of my very first poems!  As I recall, this was only my second poem -
"The Tear" was my first...  Forty years ago!


The poet as a young man...

Eighteen in 1968 and determined to make the most of what he honestly thought would be a short life.