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Attempt the Impossible Task!

Here is a knife like other knives
That cost me fourteen pence
I need but press it to my heart
And down will come the sky
Earth's foundations will depart
And all you folk will die

excerpt from "Houseman Poem" that was given to me some thirty-odd years ago...
?Possibly by A. E. Housman?  (19th century English poet...)


Hungry Women  

Foreign jobs seem the way
When there are none at home
With good hours and good pay
Just pack your bags and come,
Travel expenses are paid
And wages are handsome
Back at home, you’re afraid
Even bread’s expensive
And your hopes start to fade
There’s not enough to give
your kids a healthy meal.
This is no way to live
And so you make a deal
To work someplace foreign
No matter how you feel
Comparing where you’ve been
To money that you’ll earn
Makes it a decision
That’s easy, but you learn
The truth to your distress
Once your bridges are burned.
Now, you’re under duress...
Anytime you’re told to,
Your job is to undress
And do whatever you
can to please a strange man
who happened to choose you
You will do all you can
You don’t have any choice
Except to please this man 
Women don’t have a voice
For he’s paid his money
And you were his first choice
So now you’re his honey...
You smile as he teases...
Not because it’s funny,
But because it eases
Your plight while you’re with him,
To do as he pleases...
Your future’s looking dim
But you learned the hard way
That you can’t refuse him
Wishing you had a say,
You take all the abuse
And hope you’ll see the day
When you’re no longer bruised
It’s a faraway dream
And you’ve nothing to lose
You’ve lost your self esteem
There’s nothing to live for,
Nothing is what it seemed
You can’t take any more,
There are no friends so close
To be what friends are for
It’s not the life you chose...
You can’t live as a whore
And so you overdose.....


Unfortunately, There are very few reliable statistics whenever we discuss Human Trafficking.

The very nature of the business is secretive and when someone dies, there are no records kept.

If some girl shows an independent streak and her pimp kills her as an example to the rest of his girls, what are the chances that the police will find out about it?

Even if they do, how hard will they pursue a case without evidence or witnesses, especially if it's a Jane Doe who can't even be identified and is obviously a drug addict from the outset?

Eventually someone might make a connection between several killings and the hunt will be on for a serial killer, but how long can that take?

I know that this is a very pessimistic outlook, but when you realize that everything I've mentioned only happens after the fact, perhaps you realize the value of education and information as preventative measures.

Perhaps you can see why I named this site "ScaredSafe.org"? 

Yes, be afraid enough to be cautious and protect yourself and the ones you care for...  Once they're gone, you may never get them back!

At the same time, know that you cannot be there for them every moment of every day and do what you can to educate and strengthen them so that they are prepared to deal with a hostile world.