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Attempt the Impossible Task!

They all know, those who into
The human psyche delve,
There's no one who can fool you
Like you will fool yourselves.

   (This most appropriate epigraph was written specifically to accompany this poem.)
                                                Karl Stuart Kline

The Talent Agent

You're looking for women?
You want them to serve men of all ages,
Taking money from them
For you, without benefits or wages?

You want pretty women
And want them to be naive and young,
Little more than children,
Submitting whether they're right or wrong?

Whoever can afford them
Can readily place their order overseas
With the "talent agent"
Who knows very well how to advertise...

He doesn't need to hunt,
For women come knocking on his door,
Looking for their chance,
Naive, thinking he's what they're looking for

He says, "You have Talent!"
So they're willing to give him what he wants,
Not knowing what he meant,
They pay and pose for his catalog for gents

Only the "best of men"
Will get to see their sexy photographs,
But then, pimps are men
And their sexy photos are good for laughs

Timid and uncertain,
They're told, very much to their enjoyment,
They have better jobs than
Their anticipated employment.

No details are given,
Their imaginations fill in the blanks
As travel arrangements
Are quickly made, they happily give thanks.

The language is foreign,
But it's okay because they think they'll learn
While they are working
And using the money they think they'll earn.

So, young and ignorant,
They believe - their deception is complete.
Naive and innocent,
Not realizing that they're only "fresh meat!"

They quickly learn what's meant
When they arrive at their destination
Where their papers are taken
And they're forced into fornication

By pimps, who buy young women
And turn them into pretty prostitutes,
Living in fear of the men
Who take their money and keep them destitute

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
This particular poem was the beginning of what was yet to become POISON PEARLS...


Poetry that appeals to people who think that they don't like poetry!  (from the heart and mind of Karl Stuart Kline) -

Poetry with Depth and an Edge!!

For a good mix of my poetry, including excerpts from all three of my books, go to www.poemhunter.com/karl-stuart-kline




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