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Attempt the Impossible Task!

...You've been sold again since then,
   And not as a shy virgin
   Sold like a sweet confection,
   Still learning the ways of men...

An excerpt from the poem titled, "The First Time" - from POISON PEARLS

United Nations

Abducted as a young girl,
And brought to a strange country,
Halfway around this wide world,
You're here to meet the gentry.

Old men who want young action,
You don't know what you're in for.
They've gathered for your auction,
You're the virgin that they bid for.

You've become a helpless slave
And come to these lawless lands.
You're only a pretty toy,
Who men rule with iron hands.

But you age and they bid again,
Looking for something younger.
You're forced to prostitution
To pay for their perverted hunger.

Then the United Nations,
Protecting your Human Rights,
Decides for intervention
And your new owners take flight.

But they don't go very far...
They see opportunity,
For these are well paid soldiers
Who are known to spend freely.

So they gather together,
Putting their slaves on the street,
Putting women in brothels,
It's a new market for their meat!

There can be no protection
From the United Nations,
Whose soldiers give you infections
And want only satisfaction.

Unknowing, perhaps, that you
Are someone's unwilling slave,
Forced to work the streets, it's true,
As many before you have.

Your master wants their money
And knows just how to get it.
Women are a commodity
And soldiers inflate the market.

The "United Nations" poem is an excerpt from POISON PEARLS

Anything for money...

The "Oldest Profession" and slavery have had close relations for as long as either of them has existed...

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