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Attempt the Impossible Task!

Command respect, control lust,
Those who can't might die trying.
Live your life, do what you must,
Some things are worse than dying.

This epigraph was written specifically for this page...  >^.Karl!

Young Girls  (Crossing the Border!)

15 & 9 -- Mama's in Milwaukee
Because there's no work at home.
An illegal worker come to the states
And she had to leave her girls alone.

But she's got a job and she's working!
They can finally join her!
She's made enough, so they're done waiting
Now she can pay for the smuggler!

He's someone who says he can do it,
A Coyote who sounds convincing...
Her daughters are precious cargo
And he says that he can do this thing

But what she doesn't know
And he's not about to tell her
Is that once they safely cross the Rio,
They'll be for sale to the highest bidder!

Pretty girls are most vulnerable,
Unaware of their innocent charms,
They'll go to sleep in the desert
And wake up in a coyote's arms.

Because they're already illegal,
They can't report him to the police.
He'll have his way with them as they pray
For their eventual release.

Many girls are welcomed as "fresh meat,"
Getting passed around by the fellows.
Then they're considered a treat
When they're sent to migrant bordellos.

Trying to rejoin their mother,
When they got the blessing of the church
And ventured across the border,
Young ladies hoping for decent work.

Instead, they're in a filthy prison
Where there is no running water.
Kept against their will,
Forced to service their customers

Men away from their own families,
Following the crops for harvest,
Many feel the need of a woman
And for them a whore is best.

Rank from working the fields
And looking for a honey,
The girls can't turn away
Anybody with money.

Then, when the money's gone,
Their duties continue
They have to entertain
The bosses' retinue.

Unfortunately, they're
Likely to be cruel hard men,
A prerequisite when
They're hired as guardsmen...

 *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

The inspiration for this came from both an NPR broadcast about children crossing the border and immigrant prostitution/slavery arrests that have been made here in South Florida.
    *    *    *    *   *    *
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The Land of the Free...

It saddens me that such things are possible In the country that I nonetheless call home.  Many of my own ancestors came to this new land seeking freedoms that were denied to them in their own countries.

One of the reasons that we fought our Civil War was so that all Americans could live free and we have fought for, with and against others in the years since then to preserve that freedom.